How do I decide which mirror glass I need?

Wing mirrors

Wing mirrors help drivers to see areas behind and to the sides of their car that would otherwise be outside of their peripheral vision. These mirrors may be adjusted manually or power controlled. Manual wing mirrors require the motorist to adjust the mirror by hand, but may offer a remote device to help to adjust the passenger side wing mirror. Power controlled wing mirrors are adjusted electronically.

Mirror glass

To help with a driver's visibility of the road, wing mirror glass often comes with additional features. The glass may have a heating system, helping to defrost the mirror for optimal viewing, or contain memory sensors for a quick and easy return to previous settings. Other wing mirrors may have an indicator light, helping to alert other motorists when the driver is turning the car. When searching for wing mirror glass on eBay, buyers should consider the various types. Flat glass does not distort the distance of objects in the mirror, while convex glass helps to increase the driver's field of vision. With a wide range of wing mirror glass to choose from.

Type of Glass

blind spot mirror

Blind Spot Mirror Glass

The blind spot is the area that neither the wing mirror nor the rear view mirror reflects. Before switching lanes, drivers usually have to turn their heads and look back over the shoulder to make sure the blind spot is clear. A blind spot mirror makes checking the blind spot more convenient and safer. Pass MOT, replacement for most UK and UE driver side mirror glass, you can buy this mirror to upgrade your convex standard glass. Glass is curved more outside has a vertical line, and covers blind spoot!

convex mirror

Convex Mirror Glass

 Convex glass is curved and often distorts the driver's ability to gauge the distance of other objects properly when viewed in the mirror. This type of glass is often preferred as it helps to widen the driver's visual field. Pass MOT, used as standard in most of the UK and EU cars, in use on US cars passenger side.

blue mirror

Blue Mirror Glass

Pass MOT, direct replacement for cars with factory fitted blue mirrors. Blue tint in glass eliminates dazzling effect while driving at night.

heated spot mirror

Heated Mirror Glass

Built in heating system that defrosts, or defogs the glass.

Flat mirror glass


This flatness of the surface helps the wing mirror to reflect light from an object at the same angle without disturbing the image. Objects viewed in flat glass wing mirrors are the same distance as the original object. Pass MOT, used in US cars on driver side, in UK and Europe not a standard replacement ! Surface of glass is flat and viewing angle is greatly reduced compared to standard ! Recommended only for off road and sport use.